“Is it possible though?”
“Possibilities were always there, Al, but are we talking containment?”
“Cortana! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Can I get an IR here?”
“Your wish is my command Al ! of the whole ship?”
” Yes. And my command is command all right! contextual sarcasm, is it? ”
” I haven’t been programmed for such reactions, now have I? ”
” You haven’t been programmed to play coy too, but ain’t that coming along pretty well?”
” Haven’t a clue, but Al, I think I might’ve picked up on something, organic impression , I can’t be sure though, do you want me to tune up ETX ?”
” Electro Static, should work, yeah, but be careful not to neutralize the dock circuitry, Remember OCRON?”
” Al, that was a surge swamp, we both know that! Am I to reduce the Ohms of it?”
” OK, I was never good with this stuff, Cortana, What’s it again ?”
” The ohm factors, deflect off the subject, revealing it’s life status and freeze them when exposed. Get it? ”
” Yeah, I guess, though Have I told you this story about Marquee Legion?”
“Is it relevant here?”
“Depends on your own humor levels, maybe?”
” Other time probably, there’s going to be ample amounts of  time on craft, as impressions are faint, algae or such?”
“Algae can’t survive in this terrain, some animal maybe? ”
” Either that, or you are in fact getting old, Cortana, what are you like 700 years old?”
” A woman never reveals her age, Al, but to be fair to you, are you good at guessing? ”
” Not in the mood to guess and, by the way, ETX picked up anything? ”
” Just about now, on the first dock behind master circuitry, I can’t be sure where precisely? ”
” I knew something and therefore here I am, get it? ”
” A Quote from Van Morr’s Infinitum, not entirely original I suppose? ”
” You’ve grown old and definitely grumpy, and I will have to find a way around master circuitry, do that for me if that’s possible? ”
” Railing above you sounds good? ”
” With this suit? ”
” I’ll just turn up the Ohms and send a static through the Circuitry, now that should give you 10 seconds to pass through, enough? ”
” More than and I suppose I won’t receive you on the other side, a faint signal maybe? ”
” I’ll concentrate the chatter a few notches, want to try? ”
” Yeah, that’s what I’m paid for, Recon and getting burnt down to dust, what am I missing here? ”
” Ash, actually, that’s the word, though are you all set up to step into the other side ? ”
” Yeah, stun the circuitry, and give me the timer, please? ”
” Will do, here, escalating Ohm factors and….. Yeah ..And..done, going to go sometime today? ”
” I’m going allright, it isn’t exactly, Marquee Legion, or is it? ”
” Is that something to do with mathematical paradoxes? ”
” One can never be sure, not in this day though, but yeah,… is the suit’s Blackchip working? ”
” Contextual Sarcasm? ”
” Just being carefully alive? ”
” I was searching this paradox you’ve been referring quite ominously, and guess what? ”
” Wha… Can you hear me? ”
” The interface….. Al..interface ….jamming… Is… Are you stepping…Do You..Al?
” Cortana! I’ve just entered the other side of circuitry, Hope you get back soon, Let me know, will ya?”
” Entry 2987, Test block of Black chip, the world is just a pebble, that rolls on over all the dirt and still looks exquisite, the question that remains to be answered is where upon do we stand? ”
” Entry 2988, Location South Atlantic, Camp Recon Region 327, ID: Albert Dergoyt , Can you read me? ”
” Entry 2989, The Organic feed indicates to a path ahead, which might eventually branch out? Maybe not? I am following the feed, which in turn is getting stronger as I go, I can feel something… No.. Yeah.. Definitely I can feel something,….and I need to put my suit to Ultra Mode now,…. It’s not….. It needs to just.. OK why isn’t it working? ”
” Entry 2990, I can see a shadow perhaps? I think I should follow it, or maybe be get some pictures, well what do you know ”
“Entry 2991, I see the source, as it has stopped moving and… Is now staring at me directly, and it somehow knows that I’m about to ask a question that will change everything we knew or have been taught for the past century. The question is simple, yet most unsettling for our the world we live in. They went extinct 1000 years ago and here I am looking at it, mulling over this particular thought , Is It a Human Being?…….

( To Be Continued)


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