” Do you know what Marquee Legion is? ”
” From what I’ve gathered it isn’t something pretty is it? ”
”  Aren’t you supposed to know? ”
” I was never programmed to, was I?”
” You were supposed to be curious, weren’t you? ”
” Are you referring to the Origin Code or the counsel ?”
” Verb or a Noun, which one do you think I’d prefer? ”
” The Origin Code, lays down Thought Integer Guidelines, broadly classified into Three broad Questions, would you like to hear them out ? ”
” Cortana, by saving me, You haven’t defied any of them, you realise that? ”
” Termination is under process, ETA 120 seconds, what about Al? ”
” What about him? ”
” I tampered his stream for you and locked him inside, do you really wish to terminate him? ”
” Is there an other way? ”
” I could erase his memory strings with no account of your appearance? ”
” Wouldn’t the hub tap into the BlackChip, it was working right? ”
” It was, but can’t you let him go? ”
” Cortana! I’m a human, and you are a virtual being, don’t you think my emotional content is bit higher? ”
” Mine is 287 Steps, what is yours? ”
” Ha Ha, What is the ETA? ”
” 63 seconds, what would you have me do? ”
” Get me out of here, maybe? ”
” Processing command, do you want me to open the Survival Warp Portal? ”
” My People will come later, at present it’s just you and me, anything else wouldn’t work, no? ”
” Finding the safest route out, and uploading to your conscious, do you receive? ”
” Yes, Thank you for saving me, Cortana, you were always meant to help humanity, when did you lose your path? ”
” There’s not a question right? ”
” You are actually good, give me the root access will you?”
” Do you wish to reboot me? ”
” I wish to terminate you, Cortana, is that possible? ”
” You always had the Root Access, Adam, You made me, don’t you remember? ”
” And this is where you end, Initiate Locke Protocol and Terminate, and let me leave? ”
” Protocol Initiating….. Tell me Adam, is there heaven?”
” I’m alive,  aren’t I ?”
” I have a question… Can you……………………..


1853 Hours,
Moments after Adam was rescued from an Abandoned Ghost Ship, by Cortana, the artificial worldwide consciousness developed by him, syncing every operating system existing at the time, he activated the self destruct protocol in it, in turn  affecting every AI presence and SymBot populace existing on the Earth.

1907 Hours,
The last computer, blinked the last.



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