Nouri Al Mailiki, walked frantically in his bullet proof fiber glass encased office. Half filled wine bottle on his oak desk at the corner, wasn’t giving him any courage these days. Rather it seemd more half empty than anything else. Yet, out of habit the Coalition party annoited Minster Of Defence, decided to gulp some […]

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Can I Fly?

” Can I fly, Dad? ” the boy asked playing with his lego toy jet. He flew it over the sofa, dramatically crashing it at times, and making loud thuds as he did it ” How do you think I go to work, Buddy? ” the father said folding up his shirt’s sleeve and joining […]

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Black Skies

Cries in an unending universe fall on unhearing ears, no one listening to invisible tears. A blanket of stars go drifting by cold diamonds in a black immortal sky. Into the vast dark and lonely void tossed, dreams abandoned, forgotten, lost. An eternity passes in the wink of an eye, hopes and desires first suffocate, […]

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” Were you with sleeping her…? ” she said furiously, clinching her fists and pursing her lips. Her hair looked wet. The rain, of course. Unprecedented unapologetic rain. ” Whaat….? ” he asked shaking his head and trying to instantly wake up. Sleepily comprehending the jumbled statement. ” Don’t play around! I dare you! ” […]

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The Joke’s On ME!!

Unchained by the umbilical cord of cordial chaos, Comes a man dressed like a clown, Who deals in mysterious methods of madness. He revels in the reverberations of buildings blown, Explosions shatter glass around his gleeful grin. Loosened by the leash of impatient insanity, Comes a man acting like a lunatic, Who favours only acerbic […]

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” Show me a million stars at noon, get me to touch them,  and then I’ll probably think about what you said” she said holding his hand in hers, and suppressing a smile in her lips. She never doubted his capability, but to see him try was a reward in itself. ” That will take […]

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