” Show me a million stars at noon, get me to touch them,  and then I’ll probably think about what you said” she said holding his hand in hers, and suppressing a smile in her lips. She never doubted his capability, but to see him try was a reward in itself.
” That will take time, are you sure that’s what you want? ” he said looking at her, her wish taking a form inside his head. He started thinking of thousands of moments through time,  already trying to see a way to do it. At first he went with the loopholes in the literature which could make his task easier. Noon she had meant, didn’t she? Or Could it be taken as twelve instead, and tweak the condition to mean midnight. That would be obviously stupid, cheeky and unfair on his part. He couldn’t be unfair.
” Think you can do that? “, she said, as she landed a peck on his cheek and drove away. Rain drops, Screeching tyres and some gruelling helpless moments later, the boy stopped his watch. No ticking sound would emanate from his wrist. He searched for stars. He started buying them one by one, until he had the whole galaxy with him.
He made constellations that showed her name, skies that showed her smile. He would face them when ever he saw her in the night.
…..Creating the galaxy from nothing took him 47 years. And finally, on a rather perfect noon, he was done.
He keyed his watch, made the hands run again. It was time to call her.
” Don’t open your eyes until I ask you to, understood ? ” the boy asked the girl, as he blindfolded her. He walked her through the faint aromas. Scents of their Story, she realised, he actually remembered. Her bare feet felt their way through the dewy wet grass, occasionally brushing his, on the way. He was still shy in his own weird way. It was only ironical that his every step meant something. A few moments later, they stopped. And he slowly untied the piece of cloth over her eyes. She opened her eyes, to darkness. Pitch black darkness. The boy, grew weary as he felt his way through the darkness. His skin grew thicker and his hair felt thinner. He eventually reached out to his objective. The girl stood there trying to make sense of this, but suddenly felt overwhelmed. Millions and billions of stars descended upon her. Some seeping through her flowing hair, some speckling the velvety darkness to it’s glory. She screamed in joy, as something beyond her got hold of her. She now had to answer the boy. She stood there shyly, trying to figure out a way to say it. It was her turn to bring the stars and yet, she stood in silence.
The old man came back to where the girl stood. He stopped for a while. Moments through time, he amused himself. His back started to slouch, and his teeth started to rattle. He swung his hands,  picked up his stick, tapped it thrice and went beyond everything, closing the door behind him.
People built monuments.
He built a planetarium.
He never saw anything. Darkness had been his home forever. And she could never see, what he did. Only the stars saw them from above and beyond. Only they remained….


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