Black Skies

Cries in an unending universe fall on unhearing ears,
no one listening to invisible tears.
A blanket of stars go drifting by
cold diamonds in a black immortal sky.
Into the vast dark and lonely void tossed,
dreams abandoned, forgotten, lost.
An eternity passes in the wink of an eye,
hopes and desires first suffocate, then die.
For how can they live in this desolate place,
no near and no warmth isolated in space.
There is no right way up now just floating around,
no unwavering force that holds to the ground
and time passes slowly in this new world so strange
compelled to accept what can no longer be changed.

Rick Miller

Space Commander, MARS Orbital Reconnaissance Wing,

The Apotheosis


27 thoughts on “Black Skies

      1. Yeah your assurance remains true. Still ” we can do something about that ” sounds a very interesting prospect. What do you propose?


      2. Well that is something really exciting.. I’m up for it.. Collaboration should work wonderfully well ( though I’ll need to try hard to match up with you) and of course a challenge is creatively pretty healthy for anyone.. So yeah let me know your ideas on it!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hahaha your pretty good yourself our writing styles are really different tho so that should be fun xD Great then I’ll think of something and you brainstorm too…let’s see how it works out !


      4. The opposite forces.. Should be a good start.. Why don’t you take the latest post I’ve published ” Burning Moth ” and try turning it on it’s head. Or we could work with something else


      5. Yah cool. Would it be entirely inappropriate to have your email id or anything else, probably so that we can correspond there? Mine is Sidblue2006@gmail..


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