Can I Fly?

” Can I fly, Dad? ” the boy asked playing with his lego toy jet. He flew it over the sofa, dramatically crashing it at times, and making loud thuds as he did it
” How do you think I go to work, Buddy? ” the father said folding up his shirt’s sleeve and joining him in flying his plane
” You’re Superman, Dad? ” the boy stood up straight and stared back at his father, his eyes twinkling with amazement
” Boy, You don’t know me, I can save this plane with my super speed, wanna see? ” the father said and grabbed the toy and flew it out of the kid’s reach. He made the kid reach for it, as he banked the flight through the small gap between the curtains of the balcony, twisting and twirling it down at times, and going up just before the boy got his hand to it. The play continued for more than ten minutes, and the boy eventually reached his toy, more so because the driver got tired and bored. After congratulating the boy for his perseverance and telling him that he would be back soon, the superhero went to get a nice bath. The boy had his plane, but something was not right. He liked the challenge. His dad had been too easy. The plane got landed on the cushiony runway , and the boy walked away.
The father woke up to see that the plane wasn’t being flown anymore, and the boy’s faint voice could be heard from a distance. He walked towards it, wearing his T-shirt on the way.
” Dad can you save me? ” the boy said as he tiptoed on the iron railing at the balcony. The rods were too thin and the balcony too high. The father needed to be careful
” Boy, step down all right! Daddy will show you his superpower? ”
” You can fly, no? Catch me then? ”
” OK, I cannot fly, please, please come down, we will play something else!”
” You are Superman, you can fly! And now catch me like you caught the plane ! ”
” The plane, yes, I’ll give you the plane. You win. I’ve lost my superpower, please step down “, the father said carefully taking a couple of steps towards his kid
” This is a trick. I’m not a fool. You won’t give me the plane. You have superpower, I don’t have any, stop there, you are going to beat me !”
” I won’t beat you, promise, come down, please, Listen, OK, OK, all right, let me give you the plane , and I promise I won’t give it to you, listen come down, I’ll buy you a bigger plane!”
” Bigger? How much big? This much big !” The boy said opening his arms wide. The father felt a cold chill down his spine. But he needed to be careful. He couldn’t run to him, scaring him would make him jump.
” Yes, please stand still, look, I’ll just… ” the father ran inside and within seconds brought his laptop to the balcony.
” Look, I’ll buy you this! Come here look at it, it’s really good no? ” the father begged him. The kid looked at it, but something stopped him from stepping down.
” Dad, I am like you no? Like grammy says?”
” What? ….yes..yes..of course! ”
” Can I fly, Dad? ” and the kid disappeared.
It took a moment for the dad to realise it, and then when he did, he ran frantically towards the door, took the stairs. He jumped and ran down the stairs , tumbling and falling at times. Somehow in his heart he believed he could catch his son. His T-shirt started to burn his skin, and he never stopped. There was nothing he saw. Nothing he heard. Only stairs. Infinite stairs.
And he finally got to the pavement. The toy plane was parked inside an old almirah. The curtains blew gently with gushes of winter winds. The  formal shirt showed no signs of trauma. And the man hadn’t taken the stairs.
No one could fly.


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