Reporting. LIVE

We have our correspondent Kriz Johnson at the Regency Square covering the crime. Be advised, the visuals that follow are graphic and unsuitable for young viewers. Viewer discretion advised.


The young man with a VTV29 tag dangling around his neck clicked the remote.  The blipping red came to a still. He dragged the gagged up lady on the marble floor and to a more appropriate corner. Appropriate for the mounted flash light on the camera. The lady struggled and let out muted screams. It was time, therefore to make her sleep. What could not be achieved on this planet, with a few dozens of benzos? Crushed and made into vapour.

VTV29 would like to state that this is the exclusive footage we have acquired in regard to Stephanie Cruger murder, on 6th of July. We hope that This found footage from what appears to be the killers own camcorder, will help strengthen the case against him. And we demand on behalf of everyone in this city, that the legal proceedings be expedited now that evidence is validly available. Pause.

She was beautiful.  He knew she was attractive and charming. But now that he saw her helpless and wounded, she seemed attractive. He shook his head to snap out of it and walked towards what would be the weapon of crime. A metal flower vase. Flea markets were good for these kind of purchases. Best of all, not every purchase came with a seller bill.

As you can see, the masked killer hits the helpless lady repeatedly, in an act which can only be described as psychotic and sadistic in equal proportions.

Pause ….Take Two..

The masked killer hits the lady repeatedly and savagely, without even a single shred of guilt or remorse on his part.

The man smiled, finally content with what he read out. The video was bloody and gruesome, but then the lines had to match up to it. She was dead in not more than 5 minutes, but the video was looped to make it more than 10 minutes. He rewinded the video.

The lady of the state, whom we all dearly love and admire. Someone we all look up to for inspiration and strength, has today been forged into a mere memory. As an informed viewer can infer from the appalling scenes unfolding on their television sets, it was an act of pure barbaric violence. The weapon we believe is the same flower vase which was accidentally left behind at the crime scene.


The man looked at the end result. Everything was perfect. Nothing could be traced back.  The ratings would shoot up. Editor in chief would promote him to head journalist. Everything was perfect. But something was missing. He was missing something very essential. He knew that. He closed his eyes and listened for her voice. Distant and near at the same time. That was the thing.

Resume :
He dragged the gagged up lady on the marble floor. To a corner which was more appropriate. And then he changed it. He removed her gag. She winked at him. They would obviously leave for Budapest. First she. Three months later he would join her. She screamed in despair.


This time she died much earlier. Broken skull. And spine chilling cries. Yes now it was perfect.

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