The King Of Tides

” Don’t go, please, the sea is dangerous, and the waves, they look devastating… “ she said clutching his shirt sleeve. The mute man he was, he just looked at her. His eyes went moist and his heart felt almost human. But then he could never be one. The waves and the seas listened to him. And to him only. He was beyond human, the first catch of 22 fish had confirmed that. But he could be hurt, his body could be wounded. And therefore he wasn’t god. He took her face between his palms and looked back at his reflection in her eyes. And just as suddenly he left her. She cried, begged and prayed for him to stay. She never knew what he was. Alas, even he didn’t, when he was with her.
The mute man walked past the coarse mud and the restless Sands. His feet felt at home as he walked into the crashing waves. First it was one and then it was many, the nautical miles had been just that, a figure for men. The ferocity of the sea was his measurement. And when he found the right place, he floated upon the sea, whispering something within himself. Moments passed, and as was the norm every time, the sea calmed on his voiceless word. And he went back to the shore. To the woman he loved.
The skies would hopefully change and the moons would wane. His mistress would call him after a week. Not sooner. The woman in his bed, beside him, seemed calmed. He had been on bed, sleeping for a really long night. Where was the day. He got out to the shore, and sat on the sands. Something was wrong.
” What is bothering you? “ the woman holding the lantern walked to him from inside the hut. He looked at her, and shook his head sideways…….
Eventually The day broke up the sky, with grey hues. The waves woke up……………………………………

” Don’t go please. The sea is dangerous, and the waves,  they look devastating… “ she said clutching his shirt sleeve. The mute man that he was, he just looked at her…… He walked into the waves. He now after spending the same day over and over again, knew about her. Knew what she was. He covered the miles, got to the heart of the sea. The only way that a new day could come out was clear in his mind. He floated on the sea, but this time he never whispered anything. The tide had to move. And only then could time run.
The woman waited for long. The sun went down, and the waves became much more violent. Something meant different. She could sense that he wasn’t there. She had lost him to the sea. And that He would never come back. He had made his choice. And Now she knew, she couldn’t turn back time. Not anymore. The tides took the goddess of time away.


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