The winter of 2036, brought with itself a slightly threatening snow cover. Wading through time, Man had far surpassed what logic and innovation could bind him with. But nature. Well, it was a totally different hurdle. Beyond anyone. Unconquerable. Condensing ice and delivering hailstorms were well within its nature. As was being twisted and genius within the […]



……. At this moment, as you can see, there’s a lot of debris behind me, the building collapsed on itself, and.. And… The casualties at this point of time…. …….We are talking 36 dead and more than a hundred injured. A tragic loss no doubt, and we still are unsure as to what caused the […]



It hit him. The screeching of the tyres was the last thing that could be heard. But he would survive, wouldn’t he? That was the whole design, from the beginning. The schematics would iron out the smaller wrinkles. He would survive. She knew he would.   The experimentation of convergence started at the turn of […]

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“……… With the flapping of wings, the bird flew away into the wintery morrow. The End ” he closed his diary. A hardbound brownish one, having his stories written and his memories stored. Slipping his diary into his cloth satchel, he hopefully looked at his audience, from the far end of the room. A woman […]

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The last prototype was always the difficult to make. As there wasn’t much that was supposed to go wrong. The schematics were all there, even the alpha coding and AI integer installation in place. But who would give it life? The mad scientist, they would call him, as he appeared no less like one. He […]

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Pathos Of Karna

The faint smell of soil pricks my scathing lungs…. I open my eyes to see a world of impending doom…. and a certain death galloping towards my course…. a chariot filled with the godly craft of archery…. of one conceived of air, and raised in womb of earth, there be my rival, with his aim fixed […]

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