” So that’s what I can do “, the handsome young man spoke to the struggling Detective. The ageing Starton Courage recipient, had been discovered fifteen minutes ago in the men’s restroom, thoroughly shaken up and utterly disoriented. He was then carried to a secluded room on the top floor of the villa, by five […]



The sounds became distant, and the honks mere whispers. He fell to the ground. Finally the restlessness had it’s way, seconds before he could reach for his fairly new beeper. One that could send a beep to his dad, a couple of kilometres away. That was his radius. Two kilometres from where his dad was […]

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Centipede Four

Keigo knocked at the door for the fourth time. The case of missing people was normal, but then returning with no memory of what happened, was something incredible. The press would go haywire and the public, well, it would be chaos. He had to find out, what this all meant. Solving it was a distant […]

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The blood clotted as it was supposed to be. Two and half minutes later. That was the maximum time that was prescribed on the packaging that enclosed the packet of syringes. Raiden waited till the blood clotted in one mouth, then moved to the other. He needed only one tongue from his captives. He needed […]