The sounds became distant, and the honks mere whispers. He fell to the ground. Finally the restlessness had it’s way, seconds before he could reach for his fairly new beeper. One that could send a beep to his dad, a couple of kilometres away. That was his radius. Two kilometres from where his dad was at any time. The beeper would alert him and he would track him down. But then he hardly had any time to press on it. His heart stopped. Screeching brakes, some screams and people running towards him. His personal best was 7 minutes. His only conscious thought that popped up before nothing more formed into a memory, was of a lesser time before he could be found.
7 Minutes Later………
The cardiovascular muscles woke up suddenly. The contractions slowly picked up the frequency, and blood streamed through his veins. Finally it reached his brain, which pushed itself to be awake. Again. To be alive again. At-least for the next 7 hours. His eyes tiredly opened up to see a horde of panicking people. His father hadn’t found him. That could therefore give him an other chance to come outside. Outside his fortress of 20 years, and a million life times.
And then the 10 year old boy after he came back to life. That was what he was. That’s when he was diagnosed with the condition. After 7 hours of life, he would die. The death phase would ranged from 7 to 13 minutes. But then his heart would come alive. His parents couldn’t afford a normal life for him. He had to grow up looking at mirrors for company and walls for freedom. Then he ventured out after his father was convinced that he could perceive the change in heartbeat and fend for himself. He tested his for hours together, and then let him out, with a beeper attached to his belt . The wonderful day moved into the evenings harrows. 7 hours expired. And he fell.
3 years later..
” What do you do for living ? ” EVA asked.
” Live, I guess ” he winked at the her and his terrible truth
” Not so good. Thought you were witty ”
” Yeah well.. I make myself laugh every day, so I’m funny, lonely or down right creep just with a good hair ” he said and she smiled
The date was not coming to an end any time soon. Rather it started to be more and more interesting and That started to worry him. He had a half an hour more.
” Do you have to be somewhere else ?”
” Huh?… No.. No.. I mean I’ve got some work…. I’ve got like ten minutes actually ”
” Oh ok..I thought like.. Good… I’m going to this Ted talk at 9 tonight. You are welcome to join me ”
” Oh well.  OK I’ll let you know… If I’m available by then. Sure ” he packed his laptop, shook her hand and left. No one was at home. His dad had left 3 years back. Beeper never got to be that useful after all. He was all for himself now. He stopped in his step and went back. Even if she knew, something told him that she’d be OK with it.
The Ted conference went wonderfully well. AI synergy emulation was a topic he had no idea about. He had managed the previous death , by rushing to the wash-room and waiting there for it to pass. He emerged after twenty minutes, and went back to a very concerned looking EVA. Of course he was all right , except for his situation. Ted conference finished 6 hours later and there took the cab. The cab broke down however on a deserted city scape, and he had 40 minutes of life remaining, with nowhere else to go. She had asked him to return. With her. Probably it was meant to be.
He crashed on to the ground suddenly, in mid sentence. On the road, with no life in him. She froze in her step as she saw the 28 year old man fall helplessly. She went cold for a few moments, frantically trying to remember first aid practices. To wake him up initially, and to revive him after she couldn’t find a pulse. Seconds turned into minutes but he didn’t wake up. She shouted, slapped and eventually dragged him to a side, to a deserted bus-stand. She tried calling an ambulance. Technology sadly couldn’t find signal for the network that she had. She couldn’t find anyone to help her. She sat beside him distraught and shaken. And then as a last measure, ran her fingers in his hair. He had really good hair indeed. She never knew that he was long past his bracket of return. It was past 13 minutes and 10 seconds now…

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