Nebula arrived at the Golden city of Ferkorisi. The Island Kingdom of Vroengard was famous for its vicious shadow warriors and not much for their hospitality. Diplomatic missions had to be sometimes mixed up with the occasional hard nuts. Nebula was always sport for it. His peppered hair held testimony to many an alliances

” Your King is a madman, do you realize that ? ” The young King of Vroengard spoke with his customary arrogance
” Madness, is it not, a Visionary’s vice. I would speak for no one else, My Lord. He needs just peace and he bides his last breath by it ” Nebula replied with his characteristic smile.
” Alliance with Zotreas , does more harm than good to either of us. I see no benevolence , nor do I seek charity. What then does the old diplomat plans to achieve here ”
” My King, We have our enemies, we needn’t be one for ourselves. With us united we can still placate the Dragon Realm from consuming itself ” Nebula deftly drove the conversation to a larger stake
” A necessary alliance is always time bound ”
” Time is a luxury we cannot claim for ourselves. Pardon me, My Lord, The Kingdom of Vroengard dwells into darkness it knows not the way out ” Nebula tried his wile on the young man. Sadness and tragedy were good enough reasons, where politic and logic didn’t stir the soul or bent the mind. The Young King, Derlomi, fell silent, Nebula knew he was winning his game. Silence was essential to win everything. Diplomacy wasn’t a battle of wits. It was the production of ponderance. And he had achieved it.
Derlomi, after the silence, called his royal guard. The guards marched into the royal court, with their swords drawn out. In one singular motion they encircled the unarmed aging diplomat.
” You talk of stakes, Lord Nebula, would your killing lower or higher the stakes, then. Say your head in a muddy bag sent to your kings feet, would it still ensure peace in our times ” The Young King started to play a very dangerous game.
” My Lord, Peace is conducted by the Apostle codes, and I urge you to honor it ”
” I’m tired of Diplomacy and of men prophesying it. Let it ruin. Let the realm forged by eldest of Dragons in fire, burn in it ” The Young King ordered his soldiers to do away with the diplomats head. And with multiple slashes of sharpened swords, the peppery hair touched the marble floor.

37 Moons Later :

” Did he agree to it ” King Gertokleis spoke out as he swiveled the stem of his copper glass. The Rum Punch was a new concoction that was prepared beyond the shores and brought back to him by the sea merchants.
” Ofcourse he didn’t ” Nebula replied.
” A breach of Apostle Code results in unquestionable war isn’t it ”
” It does my lord.. It does ” Nebula gulped his Rum Punch to his immortality and his victory. Five other Nebula’s remained in the kingdom. The Septuplet of Nebula’s had been reduced by two ….


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