Dead Men Tell No Tales

He couldn’t die. Simple as that. He was born, that was confirmed. But he couldn’t die. How could he not. The pills, the silk noose, the fall nothing did it. The veins couldn’t be slashed, the oxygen flow couldn’t be stopped. Nothing.

The man waited for a nice target. In the shadows but not so far off from the road. The speeding vehicles had to be observed carefully. Usually it would take ten minutes, but luck would sometimes get him his target in 5 minutes. And there it was. A swanky looking BMW, appeared a few hundred feet away. It was it. The timing had to be precise. He prepared his bag, checked it wallet. And ran right to front of it.

Autobrake system of the BME 2020 version, was defective. The acceleration was way more than the momentous reflex. And the car hit him. The impact threw the man, a few feet away, making him hit an electrical pole, and circuit shorted out. The victim lay lifeless as the driver got out. Crowds gathered around, and then the traffic police. The body was a week later buried in the grave and an out of court settlement got the family 30 lakh rupees. A week after an unassuming grave digger dug him out. He couldn’t die now, could he.

An year passed. A different city. A different family, one chosen by their future Messiah. But the act remained the same. BMW got replaced by a Jaguar this time. Though there was court involved this time, the compensation in either case would be pretty handsome. He was burnt, instead of buried this time.

However the only difference this time was, as he stepped out of the pyre, post his funeral, something had changed. He could feel pain and mortality. His fantastical powers seemed rather culpable. After having wanted himself, he sat on the banks of a flowing river. There was only one way to test himself, and that was to drown. And that he did. Only when he came ashore did he realise what was wrong by looking at a funeral pyre on the banks. The owner of Jaguar in guilt had killed himself. And that was making him mortal.

Every death on his head made him weaker and more human. Death defined humanity in a way nothing else did. And he had never lived with the feeling of being dead in future. Now he had to,  after questioning his existence 2020 years. He laid back on the dewy summer sands, and smiled looking at the skies……


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