Game Of Thrones : The Dragon’s Lair

The battle horn of Gretnobis was blown. The Crimson army orderly assembled before the gates of Fort Bakerom. They couldn’t be more prepared, after all the battle with Yokria horde of invisible men was anticipated for ages now. Three thousand of them against twenty four thousand of the horde. Commander Tersokius approached the aging witch for advice. Statistics would defeat them by a  huge difference. What they needed was something more than swords and shields.
And he called in the diggers after the counsel.
Tersokius was unmatched in his valor, but his reputation was for deaths he could actually see. He ordered the Sphinxes to be released. They could fly high and remained undetected for long stretches of time. They would scout for thumping noise, and bloody scents and approximate the position of the invisible army.
Nine miles away, the army had spotted the Sphinxes soaring beyond the clouds. They quickly and noiselessly entered the think forest cover. Their commander Iprestrom , entered a temporary tent to meet his prisoner, turning visible on his way in
” You’re cousin is a fool little man. We see his sphinxes ” he said
” Can’t blame him. We Lannisters have a knack of doing something fantastically stupid when given the opportunity ” Tyrion replied, with a grinny smile. The Sphinxes really? What was Tersokius thinking? Surely the lad was inviting his own death. Unless..?? Tyrion pondered for a moment.
” You think by Scouting for his, he can prepare for victory ”
” Victory. Glory is in surviving this might actually, and drinking merry to it ”
” You shall tell me a different way to the kingdom, or I have no purpose for you, and my dogs howl in hunger ”
” Truly. What do you assume me to be. I’m just a drunk diplomat and whoring pessimist. Don’t you realise. I don’t claim to know of all the entries, but there is one through the dragons lair ”
             Iprestrome suspected fowl play, and divided his contingent into two. One went straight ahead and the other through the dragons lair of Mereen. As the arrogant Iprestrome left the tent, Tyrion Lannister smiled realising the ploy here.
The Sphinxes felt the horde moving towards Gretnobis, and towards the unsure crimson army. But they didn’t fly back as was expected. They flew further beyond.
The diggers dug the semi circular foot deep pit, in front of the crimson army. Tersokius lannister rallied through his troops, giving them strength as their faces reflected the fading sun. He prayed within himself that his far off cousin would help him survive this war. And the sphinxes would play their part.
Which they did. A fairly known mythology put Sphinxes and Dragons as sworn enemies. And a numbered few knew that to be true. Drogon the largest and by far the most ferocious dragon had been hiding in Isle of Gerpona after flying away with Khaleesi seven years back. And Sphinxes would challenge him to fight them. They hovered over the isle, shrieking about and calling out Drogon.
Dragons had one other quality that not many knew. That of seeing with smell. And the pass of Dragon lair contained two other dragons. The contingent traversing there got burnt by their wrath, as the other contingent started descending on crimson army of Tersokius Lannister in a mile away. Their plan had to work.
The shrieking sphinxes awoke Drogon, who rattled furiously, and finally burst out his cave. The sphinxes turned and flew back home. Drogon followed them.
The invisible army almost approached the enemy kingdom, when they were welcomed by a semi circle of pit dug out. Before they could realise what it was, they looked up to the heavy flapping of wings. The furious Drogon breathed fire as the sphinxes dived towards the pit and at the last moment twisted their trajectory. The Dragon fire seethed through the pit, and did what it was supposed to. It put the moonstones contained in it, on flames. The flames spread like wildfire and as soon as it touched the invisible army, it sized to be that. They turned very visible.
” Thank you cousin Tyrion ”
” Don’t thank me. Khaleesi had let the dragons out. You do realise that they are chained in Mereen. You should thank her really ”
” Why though ”
” We’ll need more wine to discuss that.. “

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