A Beautiful Lie..

It’s like waiting a million years to take your first breath of water,
your skin is alive with a thousand lights
only to die  when they all burn out.

And, oh, you’ve waited! a wild, desperate need and ache,
and desire that has laced through you,
bubbling through your veins and fooling you into
believing that there is, was, should be more.

so when you reach your fingers forward,
this love, this feverish flame turns to ash
beneath your touch, dissolving into the wind.
and the floor drops out, pitches
you forward into the wild yonder of
hopelessness, helplessness, loneliness.

and you close your eyes, you claw out
your heart but you know, with the
certainty of ages that it is not there,
that this flame, this need was nothing
more than a beautiful lie.

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