Be “yourself”. Be “happy”. Really?

Catch My Drift?

We are the so-famed generation that has seen it all. Starting from Mahabharat on TV to the advent of heightened stupidity (Level: The Drumpf). We’ve seen it all. We look at our ancestors, our parents and sometimes think of the privileges they couldn’t have as they grew up, the luxury we now experience on the name of life. We mock at their innocence and illiteracy to growing technological advancements. We think of ourselves as the know-it-alls, basing on their lack of knowledge. We seek out to prove we are indeed happier than them. But are we, really?

Are we really content? Are we really happy? With the confusion of a growing day, we are mindful and agitated when an auto-wala claims to hold 20 extra rupees against us, but we do  not think a minute before we spend 200 bucks in the name of a frivolous worthless coffee. We call…

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