Parallel Dimension

The first signal was answered fifty years into the research. Decryption by CRAY super computer at Arctic Research Facility for Extra Terrestrial Beings, took 92 hours. Dr Ferguson answered the press much later.

” Kopy We ” is all it was. The extraterrestrial beings had thus established the connection. Communication though consisted of just syllables, once they were affirmed, then the words came in. 7 years later, a continual communication channel was established with Theseus One. Dr Ferguson’s position accentuated to lead the research facility after being awarded the Nobel in 2123, his second one in twenty years.

The wonderful thing that was later known was the simple conundrum called Inter Planetary Time Difference. Theseus One had more revolutions per second than Earth, thereby advancing them by a month, 23 days and 16 hours to be precise. The evolution for that matter was extremely similar to what Earth had. Everything on Earth had it’s mirrored reality on Theseus One. Only Summers and rains, Floods and storms, Night and Day all came earlier there. The calculations were set in, tested and confirmed, before the space shuttle left Earth for the grand visit. It was the first time that people, if they were called that at Theseus as well, from Two different planets were going to meet. The launch took place at 23.45 February 29th 2130, to reach Theseus One in 7 years time.

Dr.Ferguson reached home to find his daughter, Sarah, fast asleep. The Nobel laureate Sat before her, and wondered what life could hold out to her, once humans found their true place in the universe. Or was it universes now. Sarah’s VR Screen blinked twice, and on activating it, Dr Ferguson found her project in it, Molecular Entropy For The Time Travel. She really did knew her stuff, He thought as he slowly shut the VR down and walked away.
Questions troubled him. Could humanity take the new discovery in their stride. Would the fear of being not alone, destroy every belief that they abode too. Gods, Angels, Demons, were all aliens isn’t it. Every mythological creature a manifestation of some unexplainable presence. This discovery would nullify Gods. Higher beings or not, Humanity would be doomed. No no, they weren’t ready yet. But besides all this, one other question troubled him the most. A question, which the more he thought, the more he got troubled.

7 years was a long time. The space shuttle glided through the nothingness, as it’s thermonuclear boosters got fried up because of an explosion. A meteor seeping through the wormhole. A wormhole presented immense dense hyperlateric molecule pressure through any particle passing through it, and the only way to go through unaffected laid in Temperature. The space shuttle had to be cooled drastically to a negative 37 degree centigrade. Dr. Ferguson had been right about that. The explosion then, the shuttle researchers confirmed was a meteor crashing.

The key to creation laid in destruction. Dr.Ferguson had been always clear of that. Big Bang theory was a testimony to that. Years and months always were unreliable, what was affirmative was action and reaction. He had answered everything, but one important question lingered on, as he turned the terminate session key. He decided to let people know. They had a right to know. The mission there after was cancelled.
Time was funny. What started as a fairly decent period , had turned to decades. But the space shuttle did reach its destination on a leap year, one which came once every four years. The time difference was skewed up the moment they entered the wormhole half frozen in mind.
” Kopy We ” Dr.Ferguson said as camera flashes went berserk. But one question that he didn’t speak of was of Curiosity. Curiosity was after all a universal feeling. Theseus One had taken a step forward before Earth…


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