Castle Dreamer

Your legs were all wrapped in vines
and your toes stuck in the dirt
where your eyes were wet with chilled autumn wind
you were standing in the garden when you realized you’d sinned
you put a rose to your head
and said, “please let me destroy you”

I touched your lips and the rose withered and decayed
and I told you, “another day, another way.”

Oh, falling-castle-dreamer
you lied and you lost and you lost it all
I see it, I see it in your rose-petal cheek
so sleep and dream and dream and weep

oh, dream well, sleepy-sinner-girl
because in my arms away from your gardens of perpetual sunset
all the grandfather clocks have gone to bed
all the cars have stopped running and the radio has gone dead

I am losing to the lucid weight in my eyelids

I am….Lost

Six days and seven nights.
rome is burning and it has never felt better
destruction brings a clean slate to the creator
they call me a traitor but they’ll thank me later

The static hiss of all frequencies quiet
Earth has gone dark, Earth has gone silent
it’s not a moment to mourn, it’s a moment to breathe
our statues are still standing and I don’t think we’ll leave
for all eternity..

I wake and you wake
the curtains are closed where the dawn creeps
your bare-skinned silk-soft sides, this is the only place i sleep
with you I sleep and dream and dream and weep and sleep.

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