” Accident case… Joseph Raju.. Please..” The forty year old man managed to stitch up words. The phone rung somewhere, and someone down the corridor mopped the floor with a strong antiseptic detergent. The receptionist remained unperturbed and pulled out a folder from under her desk. Government hospitals were infamous for being detached and distant. At every state and in every state. Yanam wasn’t a state then as our Story would have it. It was technically a union territory, but then would it really matter? Yanam was subject to the law’s which governed India’s still residing Dutch colony. Yanam was famous for its flexible alcohol permits. Age, Time and Quantity weren’t anything major. All the moral police at this place were concerned With,  was some identification which more often than not bore the Mahatma’s face.

” 503 First Floor ” The receptionist pointed up without ever looking at the man in front. The man rushed away, and tried to find the stairways, somewhere beyond the coughing and shivering needs. But then he slipped on the wet floor. Hitting his head with a thud on the moistened floor.

” We can’t probably arrest him, Rishi ” The ACP said trying desperately to calm his friend down. 
” Jurisdiction? Don’t give me that Dan ” Rishi walked to the window as The Fish Festival took to it’s most exuberant best. The crackers went off and the trumpets blew. And the whole roads were blanketed with people throwing dead fish in the air. 
” Exactly That , He’s a boy and Puducherry doesn’t have a law for that. And me, I’m Andhra. I can’t make the arrest you need to understand this ” 
” Enough of this. The state matters you know. It’s a  slippery slope really “

Time travel was difficult. As one grew older, one had to comprehend the physical pain. Within the bones and coupling the heart. The cold breeze blew into his face as he wobbly stood up. Last night was 2 years later to where he stood right at that moment. Hyderabad was so much different there at. More from the memories than from the time. He knew his way around the city. Finding him wouldn’t be that difficult. He took an auto and said ” Police Training Academy ” 

501, 503…. 503. ‘The forty year old man slowly opened the door. A nurse stood near his father. Rishi walked into an air filled with the pungent smells of dispovan syringes. His father Joseph looked weak. The story behind these starkly differently named people sharing a bond of father and son, is for a different time. For the purposes of this story, Joseph recognized his son, smiled at him, and very weakly smiled. It was many moments apart that his state of living had ceased to exist..

The Fish Festival had only just started. Truck loads of fish were transported from Vizag to Yanam. Honking and swift turns, The Jeep driven by a 17 year old Charles and the free booze for the day fuelled the incident.

Sivarampalli was where we go next, where Rishi gets down. He finds Daniel practically hanging upside down from a couple of steel rods. A usual routine for the new recruits in probation. In time he’d get to Yanam because of his higher grades in physical activities. A strong spicy smell of biryani goes unnoticed, and a convoluted chain of events goes unprepared. 

An elderly man who is unenthusiastic of the whole demonic fish festival, tries crossing the road. His son had asked Daniel to pick him up from the Golden statue center. As the clock struck 12 and the Jeep driven by 17 year old Charles trailed off the road and hit him.

Rishi messed up Daniels’ score sheet. His physical examination results stood tampered and eventuality never had him in Yanam. Once that was achieved the tanning heat of Hyderabad was the next thing to deal with

2 Years Later…

Joseph an elderly man in the eighties took a stroll outside before the fish festival commenced. He wasn’t going anywhere, there wasn’t any destination. He walked through the streets which were being decorated with scales of fish. A young 17 yr old boy got into Jeep and was trying to hot wire. Clearly he was in a drunkenly state. There wasn’t much wrong in it. The kid had so much energy in him. He reminded of his son Rishi. It had been two years since he had passed away..

Rishi had to take a shade. The city’s intravenous flyovers were always a good source for shades. Rishi had to wait for the bus, and he felt essential to stand below the longest flyover in the heart of the city. And he called his father, just to validate his decisions. First a SUV dropped with a loud thud before him. His hair touched a small Stone hit him, and before he could turn back time, something crashed onto him. Punjagutta flyover had crashed killing the last time traveler The Fish God had created. 


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