The days got shorter and so did the nights. The strange phenomenon that the calculations never comprehended. Wasn’t a month later, that the earth stopped rotating. Chaos, unsettling possibilities, reshuffling of resources and everything else took twenty years to be sorted out. Every country merged with the other, and the continents got blurred. The whole world got categorized into two – Sunseekers, who always had day And Moondwellers, who always had night. And life as it always was found it’s way.

Roxanne exported flowers. Moon flowers to be specific to Sunseekers. She had a nursery and an adjoining shop, decorated with plethora of Night bloomers. All weren’t exquisite or expensive , but then she had her days. For a 24 year old Moondweller she was doing pretty good. That was until one day Keith walked in. A tall tanned and taken guy from the other side of the world, in the search of Greturom, a velvety petalled blossom. He was older to her, and more captivating. They got talking about the Suns which burnt and the Moons that waned. She showed him her collection. Long stemmed, cut to growth and watered to live. He was a silent customer but his eyes lit up whenever he saw something beyond his knowing. Glowing lights and twinkling stars fascinated him. The blanket of privacy that engulfed when lights went out was overwhelming as well….

Bejoy a young 26 year old was a proud Sunseeker. Born and raised in stone and sand, his solace came from his decade long friendship with one who dreamt of Night. Night that never came , Night that never happened. He and his friend had worked up odd jobs, packaging sands , stitching opaque canvasses that kept out the sun momentarily. But as they grew their fascination to all the things worldly became loud and defining. As they lay with their naked bodies on an earthen floor, dreaming of darkness, they decided to capture sunlight, a resource unlike any other. Bejoy placed the solar panels over the pathway. Sun was much in demand on the other side and the panels captured it in plenty. They would then get relayed to electron hub and converted to static energy. That was all he knew. His friend knew the rest. The transmission was his area of expertise. He would make it stored into cartridges to be transported. One day, after three years into Energy Production, His friend had to find a dealer in MoonDwellers. The millions of panels sent their produce through tension arrows at The bordering countries of Glivborn. And yet it had to sold. As his friend left Bejoy was left with all the work, most of which could be accommodated. But such Surging Electricity was to be carefully dealt with. And Bejoy didn’t and the surge took away his legs and burnt his hands. He needed his friend but the trains and ships all returned empty. The next ten years he perfected in maneuvering his wheel chair to perform all movements. Every now and then he would move himself up the Spectrum tower, where day and night existed together within 200 feet. He never could choose which side was better. Darkness or Reason. He waited for him to be back, longed to be with him.

Keith and Roxanne’s child, Joseph went on to be a preacher. Atleast Of what was left of God, He taught. Many flocked to watch or be graced upon by Joseph, a half of each half. The most important person in the moondwellers now, Joseph was a man who promised them light, literally. Born out of the a fusion of different worlds , Joseph, conducted Light sessions in different countries and sought to eradicate helplessness. A messiah for those lost. And one day a man in a wheelchair came in. He seemed oblivious to any chaos and confusion. He walked straight to the GodMan and asked him a very simple question
” Could you turn the earth? ” The baffled Padre looked at him knowing the harm this could do.
” My Dear Sir, God willing I could. God gives me power “
” Take God out of the equation, Wiseman, can you or can you not move the earth “
The saintly fellow that he was, Joseph looked quizzically at him. The congregation would be disrupted if they got the whiff of the happening. The GodMan took the disabled to another room and locked it behind him.
” What do you imply dear Sir “
” I received a letter ages back from this side of the world Padre. It said – Greturom is a flower pure and pious than any. Our world cannot find peace within or without. The sun and truth burns us both ways. I have found comfort in the night… Night it said Padre, and then I read the name Roxanne. “
Joseph looked ruffled up a bit and listened on
” I lost a friend of mine, Keith to the night, I know not where. And then when I think of it The World he belonged to was never his… You do look somewhat like him.. “
saying which he left. The Earth never started again.

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