Oxygen 97 Percent : The man moved out of the old shelter and into the green looking sky. 200 years back everything had changed about the hues and colors. Everything therefrom appeared to be just green . 1 million survivors had not from that point, heard the chirpings again, and the man had been no different. Many of them never had any thoughts, but he wasn’t one of them. He had some, occasionally, in his dreams. He used to see someone speaking something to him, but never understood it. But he could remember the faces and the gestures. The meaningless sounds and never the sound itself. Some implied benevolence. Some caution and the others he could never understand. He had been shown a face that needed protecting. A face that he would risk everything for.

Oxygen 78 Percent : The red slums over the ruined city housed this Face, at the far end of the brown river. He held his breath for as long as he could. Saving his breath while he walked. A group of 3 people sat in a circle holding hands. He had seen people gather for a purpose before , each signalling to each other some sort of understanding. But this group seemed different, more coordinated. They definitely didn’t belong to the red slum .They never spoke but seemed to understand every gesture within themselves. The man had to ask them about the face. He couldn’t draw the face, never could his words be understood. He just stood there and the group looked at him suspiciously. Two of them went into a frenzy suddenly and started to bang their heads against the rocks. The other man hurled stones at him.
Oxygen 51 Percent : They dragged him to the red slum. It was safer if they took him. Every mind was inconsistent and unpredictable. All the man could do was make best of every eventuality. However there was another problem which he couldn’t comprehend. His mind started forgetting what he was doing there and that presented a huge problem. Instead his mind wandered towards copulation. Possibly he could find a different person who he could copulate with. But he was not here for that. What then was he here for.?
Oxygen 39 Percent : He was left to rot at the banks of brown river. Of-course any of his words failed to have any effect. His violent actions though made some impact. It scared them and made the three leave. His penis however achieved a full erection. He fought it but couldn’t remember why he was here. He remembered something he was supposed to do, not the what of it. His panic and desperation made him to breathe. And life started taking shape.
Oxygen 28 Percent : An other person, a being startlingly different from him,  came to the shore and sat beside him. The being looked curiously at the man who was staring at the green skies and towards a star. She saw something strong and erect near his thighs. It was as if she was told to do this , some awfully clear sense, that made her move closer to the strangeness. The man from the corner of his eyes saw her inch closer. He sat and waited.
Oxygen 09 Percent : As she twirled her legs around his waist , he felt calm and clear for the first time in ages. As if he almost knew what he was doing. As her breath touched his neck, and her eyes met his, something changed. He looked at her eyes, rather stared at her. Pale blue and thick black pupils. That is when he remembered. The Face Of course the face. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Again and again. Until he died.
Humanity’s greatest Messiah was never created. Never given birth to. Never again would people be led to light. Never again would they be divided on faith. Never again would they fight on it. Never again would the new weapons be created. Never again would the world be destroyed.




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