Bloody Origins

” Oh Julius, love shall move thee ” the stage actor wailed. The theatre built under the patronage of Lord Count Van Buren of Moon Island, flourished under the present troupe. The plays were being written and enacted perfectly well. A young lad by name William Shakespeare was quickly making a name across the country courtesy his plays Merchant Of Venice and Romeo and Juliet. Lord Count however this play more than everything else. He was particularly taken in the actor who played Frieda. Lord Count would come to the theatre and watch the play innumerable number of times just to watch Frieda wail and cry at the end. A beauty to behold in all of Transylvania, This woman attracted Lord Count like no other. The troupe left for Budapest for the next fortnight but returned to find a bouquet of exotic flowers waiting for Frieda. And a map showing the path to the High Rock Castle. Lord Count could not wait longer. Ofcourse Frieda knew who it was. The rich and exquisite looking admirer. She wanted to meet him for long. And this was opportune.

The night brought with itself a heavy downpour, but Frieda walked to the far end of the sleeping town. There she took a bridge made of stony pavement to the forest beyond it. HighCastle rose up beyond the pines. And she walked to it, as the incandescence of the full moon guided her away. The huge wooden gates opened with a perfect arch. And there he stood staring at her. Lord Count almost shone in the nights fabric. He bowed to her and gestured her to follow him.

The oak built doors, and legacy breathing paintings went past them. Chandeliers twinkled above them as the oil in them stirred inside. They stopped at a door and Lord Count without uttering a word opened it.

That was when Frieda realised what she had walked in to. The legends that bespoke fear, right from the Mediterranean to the eastern Iceland, were all true. The man walking into a room of young women who are all naked and tied up, with bloodless faces, was what they called him. Count Dracula.

” What wouldn’t I give to have a beating heart again. To have it rekindled as I wish. And your morality would let me live. Ah, should I not consume what my heart so desires. Should my tongue not taste the skin that warms for me. My dear Frieda, you walked into my castle and across paintings breathing my bloody lineage. This castle speaks for me when my voice captivated by your beauty, remains numb and distant..”
” You are a monster. Leave me alone ”
” A monster is what I am. But not to the extent of torching me alive. They burnt me. Your good people. Upright and honest in life, and very much just in killing. Maybe we all are that. Monsters ”
Fear led quickly to tears. She trembled as the perfect man before her turned paler. However there was something that was not letting her move. The fireplace crackled at a distance and a strange odour emanated from it. His eyes had turned blue as a sea at its absolute calm.
” I want you by my side. For eternity and even after that. You shall reign over this world and the other..” he took her into an embrace. His teeth turned to fangs and bore into her neck. The fireplace crackled noiselessly. The tides crashed at the castle walls. And the moon moved out to a different horizon. The Dracula had found his bride. After 400 years of being alone.


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