The Melting SandBoxes of Time

72…73…74..75 Seconds ‘Oh fuck this’ he thinks and opens up the box. The gush of rotting comes out to nauseate his nostrils. He feels his stomach churn inside, and a sourness runs through his throat. But more than that, the failing disgusts him to the core. 37th iteration was never supposed to fail. He puts […]

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Dear Isaac…

Dear Isaac, Hello Isaac. It has been long since I’ve heard from you. Years ? Decades? I can’t exactly remember, but I do remember one thing. Your question. A question that has made me feel alive all these years. And one that has eaten up my mind every single day. And you’d be interested to […]

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ARKO – The Origins

” What do you want to see ” ARKO said trying to removing the sleeve. Sleeves were good for great many things, but not for hiding truths. Truths needed a greater more flexible mask. A loud murmur went about the crowd, trying to fathom what the magician had meant. Was it a rhetorical from the […]

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……. At this moment, as you can see, there’s a lot of debris behind me, the building collapsed on itself, and.. And… The casualties at this point of time…. …….We are talking 36 dead and more than a hundred injured. A tragic loss no doubt, and we still are unsure as to what caused the […]



It hit him. The screeching of the tyres was the last thing that could be heard. But he would survive, wouldn’t he? That was the whole design, from the beginning. The schematics would iron out the smaller wrinkles. He would survive. She knew he would.   The experimentation of convergence started at the turn of […]

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The last prototype was always the difficult to make. As there wasn’t much that was supposed to go wrong. The schematics were all there, even the alpha coding and AI integer installation in place. But who would give it life? The mad scientist, they would call him, as he appeared no less like one. He […]

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” Do you know what Marquee Legion is? ” ” From what I’ve gathered it isn’t something pretty is it? ” ”  Aren’t you supposed to know? ” ” I was never programmed to, was I?” ” You were supposed to be curious, weren’t you? ” ” Are you referring to the Origin Code or […]



” This isn’t true, is it? ” ” Are you?,.. What are you? ” ” What do you mean, who am I? ” ” Identify yourself, why can’t I scan you? ” ” Scan Me? ” ” I can’t seem to get your Eterom Code, are you blocking it? ” ” What are you talking […]