Oxygen 97 Percent : The man moved out of the old shelter and into the green looking sky. 200 years back everything had changed about the hues and colors. Everything therefrom appeared to be just green . 1 million survivors had not from that point, heard the chirpings again, and the man had been no […]

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Nebula arrived at the Golden city of Ferkorisi. The Island Kingdom of Vroengard was famous for its vicious shadow warriors and not much for their hospitality. Diplomatic missions had to be sometimes mixed up with the occasional hard nuts. Nebula was always sport for it. His peppered hair held testimony to many an alliances ” […]

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Pathos Of Karna

The faint smell of soil pricks my scathing lungs…. I open my eyes to see a world of impending doom…. and a certain death galloping towards my course…. a chariot filled with the godly craft of archery…. of one conceived of air, and raised in womb of earth, there be my rival, with his aim fixed […]

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Sector 39, Pegu Range, Myanmar : The lean tall bearded man drove his Pontiac through the forest, as his tyres struggled to get a grip. The digital speedometer showed 3 kms to go, and the compass showed a very straight way forward. As were his intentions. The research facility buried deep in the deciduous forests […]

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Nouri Al Mailiki, walked frantically in his bullet proof fiber glass encased office. Half filled wine bottle on his oak desk at the corner, wasn’t giving him any courage these days. Rather it seemd more half empty than anything else. Yet, out of habit the Coalition party annoited Minster Of Defence, decided to gulp some […]

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