The Wonderful Life Of Zariya

When Zariya crashed on the road from her scooter, she was 19. She was at an age that identified her goals and realized them as dreams. In a split second, she lost everything. A sharp gravel stone pierced the skin under her neck and cut through an internal carotid artery. She lay there, immovable and […]

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ARKO – The Origins

” What do you want to see ” ARKO said trying to removing the sleeve. Sleeves were good for great many things, but not for hiding truths. Truths needed a greater more flexible mask. A loud murmur went about the crowd, trying to fathom what the magician had meant. Was it a rhetorical from the […]

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Reporting. LIVE

We have our correspondent Kriz Johnson at the Regency Square covering the crime. Be advised, the visuals that follow are graphic and unsuitable for young viewers. Viewer discretion advised. Pause. The young man with a VTV29 tag dangling around his neck clicked the remote.  The blipping red came to a still. He dragged the gagged […]

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