What do you feel when you fall in love with someone? Assuming, of course, there’s a coherent feeling and not just an adrenaline rush slinging out of your spine. What exactly are you loving in that person? Ariadne moved briskly to the front door of the bus, which came to a slow halt. As the […]

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He looked at her walking beside him. It was just unnatural but never unreal. She could walk. Of-course, Her flapping tail had turned to trembling legs, once he helped her on to the shore. Scales dropped off into the sand, and her eyes turned a little darker. Her heart lay with him and that would […]

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Situation Of Ramayana : The Prince of Lanka, is beheaded by the valiant prince, Lakshmana in the epic battle for Sita. Ravana’s army is left shell shocked and faces certain defeat as they retreat for the day. Ravana, their mighty emperor watches them crumble under fear for their life and steps out of his golden […]



Nebula arrived at the Golden city of Ferkorisi. The Island Kingdom of Vroengard was famous for its vicious shadow warriors and not much for their hospitality. Diplomatic missions had to be sometimes mixed up with the occasional hard nuts. Nebula was always sport for it. His peppered hair held testimony to many an alliances ” […]

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