The Wonderful Life Of Zariya

When Zariya crashed on the road from her scooter, she was 19. She was at an age that identified her goals and realized them as dreams. In a split second, she lost everything. A sharp gravel stone pierced the skin under her neck and cut through an internal carotid artery. She lay there, immovable and […]

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What do you feel when you fall in love with someone? Assuming, of course, there’s a coherent feeling and not just an adrenaline rush slinging out of your spine. What exactly are you loving in that person? Ariadne moved briskly to the front door of the bus, which came to a slow halt. As the […]

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Black Skies

Cries in an unending universe fall on unhearing ears, no one listening to invisible tears. A blanket of stars go drifting by cold diamonds in a black immortal sky. Into the vast dark and lonely void tossed, dreams abandoned, forgotten, lost. An eternity passes in the wink of an eye, hopes and desires first suffocate, […]

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